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Packing Light

imageWhen traveling in the summer months it is easier to pack light for a trip because you tend to wear less clothing and the clothing is normally lighter in weight. With the increase in airline fees for checked luggage and additional carry-on items lightening the load could save you big bucks. Below are some tips for packing light for your next trip.

1. Wear Your Heavy Items

Wear items that are bulky and heavy in transit. Doing this will get the items to where you are going without weighing down your suitcase. This includes jackets and coats.

2. Wear Separates
Packing items that can be worn with multiple other items you bring can give you different looks without having to pack extra clothing.

3. Limit Footware
Try bringing shoes that are versatile and can be worn with several different outfits.

4. Go Light On Toiletries
Bring only what you need. Of the items you bring try putting them in smaller containers or use sample sizes. Don’t forget that most hotels provide soap, shampoo and lotion for guests.